Fiji Airways Boeing 737 Max

First in the South Pacific

Offering an extremely advanced and efficient short and medium haul service, our newest addition to the fleet will feature 170 seats with guest comfort at the core of its design. A flight like you’ve never known before, our new Boeing 737 Max 8 combines less fuel, less noise and a revolutionary redesign.

It’s bigger better engines and incredible new winglets are both fuel efficient and quieter, reducing fuel burn by as much as 14%. An innovate Boeing Sky interior of modern sculpted sidewalls and window reveal with LED lighting and more overhead cabin space that attracts a sense of spaciousness. With an unmatched reliability and the greatest range capability means more direct routes to your favorite destinations. Redefining the future of efficient and environmentally friendly air travel, our new Boeing 737 Max 8 further elevates the relaxing and superior travel experience we offer.

More capacity, more range and more efficiency. Welcome aboard our new Boeing 737 Max 8 where you’re not just a passenger, you’re our guest and a part of our extended family.


Aircraft Features

Boeing’s innovative ‘Sky’ interior gives you an unbounded spacious feel of extraordinary comfort. Built to accommodate, the 737 MAX 8 offers you the latest comforts of the most efficient aircraft in the skies creating a relaxing and superior travel experience for every passenger.

Take in the sounds, kick back, relax and enjoy world-class inflight entertainment with our new sleek and multi-language interface in-flight entertainment system. An optimized sound system with speakers integrated into the passenger unit in every row, means improved quality of sound and clearer announcements over the PA system. Soon you’ll be able to stream video and audio directly to your personal devices. Sensory improvements of customizable built-in overhead LED lighting and integrated speakers further elevates the travel experience we offer.

Improvements to both form and function, the 738 Max uses the most advanced quiet engine technology so you can enjoy a quieter flight. Quieter performance leads to a reduction of up to 40 percent in noise footprint. Its distinctive winglets contribute to the outstanding fuel efficiency, increased range and better environmental performance - the 737 Max is expertly developed from top to bottom, inside and out.

Flying us further than ever before, the 737 Max offers the largest-ever gains in fuel efficiency and a smaller-than-ever carbon footprint. Using 20 percent less fuel per seat, it beats international environmental standards by a long way. Greater efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint means you can now explore more places and also be part of a greener future for the planet.


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